Preparing for Double Vision 👀

Hello my friends! First post here-- I’m very new to LZX and the community, but taking the plunge with the new Double Vision system. I’m very excited for it to arrive and I have been watching every video I can on the individual modules and Johnny Woods’ 3 patch series which are very interesting.

Ive been making video art for a few years with some interesting gear like the Korg Entrancer and Lumen video synth app on Mac (so cool), so I know the basics but this will be like learning a new language. I’d be really interested to hear any tips and/or tricks from the experienced!

At this point I use my projector and old video camera to create feedback on laser visuals from the Neon Captain Radiator and various other sources, but I look forward to reorganizing my whole setup around the Double Vision. Ive ordered some component video scalers and converters for sending to and capturing… I’ve got more loads of patch cables and component cables from years of pack-ratting… Any hard earned advice to share?



I used to rely on scalers more before I got a TBC2, but they’re still useful. Which resolution(s) do your camera and projector use? Do they use component, composite, HDMI or SDI? You will likely still need some converters. I certainly do.


I have a few different cameras and projectors I’m interested in experimenting with- for cameras it will be my Canon 80D and iPhone 13 Pro (I don’t go higher than 1080p on for this type of work), and Canon XL1. My. main projector is a XVGA projector with 1024x768 but I have some dimmer HD Projectors that will run 1080i

My vision is to run the component output into an HDMI converter and then that into an HDMI splitter that will display it over 3 TVs mounted around my rig and a 4th that captures everything live. Ive got most of the equipment now it’s just waiting for delivery so I can dive in and start getting frustrated :+1:


Ok, that’s good. I’ve not used 1024x768 for my video output, but I expect your projector will handle the SD formats. I think HD formats may require a scaler.

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As being very new to video synthesis and LZX I am wondering how you have got on with Double Vision when you finally received it?