Chromagnon and double vision system

hey people,

i preordered a chromagnon and am now thinking about ordering a double vision system.
do they complement each other or can they basically do the same things? would it make more sense to get certain modules?

i haven’t started with video synthesis yet - my idea is to make video art like in this clip:

or in this one at 01:11 and especially 03:04

would this be possible with the chromagnon and double vision system?

thanks for the help and kind regards

p.s. i don’t wanna make stuff like in the “Video Explorers: Jennifer Juniper Stratford” clip at 07:19, i don’t really like those blends and shaky color visuals.

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Thanks for providing some examples of what you like.
Double Vision can create everything in the timestamps that you picked out. Think of it like a modular video mixer that can also make animated abstract patterns. Chromagnon is more like an instrument with a unique manner of making and animating patterns or processing video. Double Vision and Chromagnon are definitely complimentary and can be cross patched, with Chromagnon benefitting from Double Vision’s many CV output jacks.

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thank you for the answer! will it also be possible to make visuals like the ones in the lzx showreel with this setup? do you see any limitations? i won’t have the money after that to buy more modules… haha

also is it possible to make things like in here from the orion series? i love those geometrical patterns sooo much

Can you make the images in the 2015 reel using Double Vision? Definitely. Those clips were submitted by different LZX artists, some using other gear and techniques in addition to LZX modules, but generally Double Vision would take you there.
You could approximate some of the images in the Orion reel by using direct or camera feedback with Double Vision, but other looks would require Memory Palace.
If you pre-ordered Chromagnon direct from LZX, you can exchange it for credit toward a Double Vision system. Just email

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thank you again. will memory palace be produced again?

From what I’ve read (I do not work at LZX), an HD Memory Palace is part of their road map, but Chromagnon is the current priority. Other than that there is no specific time line for a new MemPal that I’ve seen.

This is correct. A new Memory Palace will be developed after Chromagnon begins shipping.


And when will the chromagnon ship??


4 months ago.12/18/23

For all of the reasons listed in the journal entries we have published to keep you updated on our progress. If we could ship Chromagnon tomorrow, we would!