Vidiot: How to fix internal cable orientation

In late September 2018 we had a batch of Vidiots (we suspect no more than 20-25 units) escape with an incorrect cable orientation inside the unit. These units will not display any output (DOA behavior) until this issue is corrected. LZX is authorizing a DIY fix as shown below without voiding your warranty status at all. But your unit is also covered under warranty and we’re happy to pay to have it shipped back to us and then back to you after performing the fix and verifying proper operation. If you’d like to initiate the RMA process, please submit a repair ticket at this URL:

Step #1. Remove (3) Philips Head #2-56 screws.

Step #2. Remove (3) Philips Head #2-56 screws.

Step #3. Separate the rear enclosure piece gently, then unplug and reinstall ribbon cable exactly as shown below. Make sure cable is firmly seated on both ends.

Step #4. Reassemble your unit before powering back on.

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And here’s a nice video showing the fix from @7pip

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