Vidiot Luma Processor issue

Hello - I’ve been having an issue where I’m not getting a signal out of the Luma processor RCA output Everything else seems to be working fine. I’ve tried both positions for the Loop Thru switch, but no luck. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Could this be due to the ribbon cable issue I’ve read about on here?

  2. The CRT I’m using for a feedback monitor has a black-and-white mode. I’m wondering if taking the output of the “Sync Out/Loop Through” RCA jack into the feedback monitor (in black-and-white mode) gives me the same signal I’d get from the Luma Out?

Thanks for any help!

Sorry to hear you are having trouble.
What is your patch like on the LUMA side? Could you post a photo? Are you seeing only a white screen at the output?
If you are unable to see anything at the LUMA out under any conditions it would be best to contact to arrange an RMA.

At this point no Vidiots should have reversed ribbon cables. You wouldn’t get a coherent output from either output jack if it was reversed.

The LUMA output is only available from the LUMA output RCA jack. The loop through output is an unprocessed signal.

Thanks for the quick reply! I get no output (just a black screen) from the LUMA side no matter the knob/switch settings or what I have patched in. Will send some video via email :slight_smile:

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