Help getting video feed into Vidiot

i was hoping to avoid this post thinking i could solve it myself, but i’ve had the vidiot about a week now and i can’t seem to get any video feed in. i’ve tried searching online for any posts or videos that might shed some light, but so far nothing has come up.

here is an image showing what i have set up.

i have two small monitors, a camera (sony zr950), and a projector (epson powerlite x12). the camera is hooked up to the Vidiot via a TRS to RCA. everything is set to NTSC in 4:3 aspect ratio. if the loop thru switch (2) is up, i see the camera output. if it’s down, i get black. i tried patching the luma out (48) into every input, but nothing seems to change. messing all the switches doesn’t seem to change anything either.

this is my first foray into modular synthesis and i know it’s all about exploration and making mistakes, but i am at a complete loss what to do. any help is appreciated.


ok so from my experience and I could be totally wrong here as I’m just learning this stuff myself

monitor b should be where projector is
the loop out switch will give you whatever your input (in this case a camera) is when loop is engaged for syncing purposes I think

then you are going to want to set the rotary knob on the right (for and above the colorizer) to the eye shape not the camera shape
that means your input to the colorizer is coming from the luma processors (the left side) output

currently the way you have the two knobs set the incoming camera feed goes to the luma processor and also to the colorizer at the same time which is totally fine but I’m assuming you want to go into the luma processor and then out to the colorizer

if you change the rotary knob on the left (luma) to say the circle input does that show up on your screen?

thank you so much for the reply.

following your suggestions, i am able to get the luma processor to effect the colorizer. i was having trouble getting that right, so thank you for sorting that out.

however the issue i’m still trying to sort out is that the camera feed only results in a jagged vertical line. do i need a specific type of camera? do i need a different type of cable? do i need different types of monitors?

if you plug your camera directly into those monitors does it work?
the vidiot hasn’t been picky with monitors for me
could you post another picture of how things are set up now?

the monitors don’t have a female RCA that i can test, but if i plug the camera into the projector it works fine.

also if i plug the camera into the vidiot (8), flip the loop thru (2) up, and output (7) to a monitor i get the camera feed. the video feed shows up this way even if the vidiot is powered off.

here’s the front. cables are plugged in the back same way as before.

i have the exact same behaviour, i posted in another tread you can find on the main page regarding vidiot input. for what i understand to this point, vidiot only accepts black and white input, luma. although it outputs full color in the loop through. i am awaiting for a response in the other thread