Issue with Vidiot?


I bought my Vidiot brand new in 2018, one with the ribbon cable assembled wrong.

I am getting very glitchy horizontal patterns when touching the Horizontal Frequency knob, and I feel that it is getting worse and worse with time. Glitches are occurring even when the Vidiot is not synced or connected to anything except the screen.

Aslo, plugging my pendulum to the Horizontal CV does not move the horizontal patterns with glitches. I am afraid the problem is with the knob itself :frowning:

I get similar glitching from the top and middle knobs on the camera input, also some of the switches on the color encoder act similarly. I’ve seen others report problems with the dual pots. Could we get the part number and sourcing info to replace them?

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Mine is pretty similar, but not as bad, when adjusting the osc pots. Its from the 2nd or 3rd pre-order batch. I just figured it was inherent Vidiot squirelyness :smiley:

It is very difficult to replace the dual concentric pots without lifting pads and damaging your Vidiot. Best to send it in to LZX if you want pots replaced.


Thanks, I’ll reach out for the repair once I get the Chromagnon.

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Same here, will send my Vidiot for repairs when Chromagnon takes over