LZX VIDIOT Horizontal scroll issue

How can I stop horizontal scroll of my video image input? I have plugged in a VHS player into my VIDIOT video input and hooked the Vidiot up to a video projector through the chroma monitor output : the image scrolls (spins) horizontally even with both synch buttons on. Suggestions? Thanks!

Since you are using a VHS input source, you probably need some kind of time base corrector, such as the upcoming LZX TBC2 or an outboard video mixer. See How do I avoid glitchy behavior when using VHS tapes as an input source?


I was reminded that the Vidiot has a time base corrector built in and there is a switch at the back that enables it above the video input, it has a loop logo , I flipped it up and the scrolling is fixed. Thanks!


I have a different problem in that it’s the vidiot that is scrolling when I plug into The 3trins. Yeah I know there is correction but not enough.

Does it lock okay if the 3trins output goes into the Vidiot input instead?

Yes but I’m creating feedback loops.