Vidiot commutation

Where I can find information about commutation each ?
It’s my first video synth and I know too little.
I have one monitor (nec lcd1701). Can I connect my Vidiot with it? (it have vga/d-sub gate).
Maybe I need special adapter ?

I would be very grateful for your help!

Is the question about how to display the unit? You will need a display that has Composite Video input (the yellow RCA jack.) This includes most TVs and video monitors.

If you need VGA, you will need to find a Composite video to VGA converter.

yes! i’ve bought adapter

next step - I connect adapter from Monitor to Vidiot (convert vga to rca)
monitor is work but showed me the black screen) what I do wrong? can you help?

Maybe I have this problem?

I’ve ordered my Vidiot at 2 banch

Open it and find out!

yeah! I’ve fixed it! Now it works