Unable to change stills in Memory Palace

I’m unable to change the stills in Memory Place. I switch INS to still and then go to the still menu and it defaults to the parrot image in the nature folder. When I highlight the folder and hit the orange square button it says loading briefly, and then just goes back to the nature folder without offering me the option of the ramps folder. When I highlight the still and hit the orange square button nothing happens - it doesn’t change the image. I tried deleting the nature folder off the SD card, but then it just defaults to one of the ramps and won’t let me toggle through the ramp images either. It’s just stuck on one image. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Sorry to hear it.
Have you happened to use a Mac to format the SD card or load new firmware, by chance?

I haven’t formatted the SD card, but I did load new firmware using my Mac. Unfortunately, I don’t have a PC.

Aha! Until the new firmware comes out later this month, you’ll have to run CleanMyDrive2 on the SD card to remove the hidden Mac files that Memory Palace won’t tolerate.

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That seemed to work! Thank you!

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