TBC2 - Media Loader

I thought it worth starting a thread for the media loader function for the TBC2. There’s some brief discussion in the TBC2 MIDI questions thread but I don’t want to invade as it’s super helpful stuff surrounding MIDI usage. These questions may be blatantly obvious to some people but, alas, not me. I like to think at least one other person will have these questions at some point, so it’s of some use to someone, some day.

Btw - I love TBC2. Thank you.

Some questions surrounding the Media Loader:

  1. Is the SD card designed to be accessible via the USB on the front panel, similar to the MemPal?

  2. The LZX bible reads:
    The maximum number of images per media folder is determined by the current output video standard, with a minimum of 24 frames in 1920 (W) x 1080 (H) media sizes.

What does this mean?

  1. I have the same issue with my MemPal where the images don’t playback in the same order they are in the folder. Any suggestions or fixes for this (I use a Mac)

No, but this is on a list of features to consider for future releases.

At a minimum (even in the largest HD timings) you can load up to 24 images. Lower resolutions = more images can be loaded.

For example, if there are 64 images in the folder, only 24 of them are loaded while in HD modes, and more are loaded in the lower resolution modes.

Right now it will go by the order the files are stored in the card’s memory. To force an order, give each file a number to begin: 001, 002, 003, etc. Format the SD card and copy those files in all at once, if it’s still giving you trouble. I’ll add alphabetical sorting to the new feature list.

In these initial releases, media support is minimal, but keep the suggestions coming and we can improve it over time!


Wicked, thanks for the swift replies!


I have the same issue, and using a number to begin the file didn’t solve it.

I tried saving the TBC2 (restart), formatting the card, reloading it, changing the name but the images are still coming in random order when I load.

I basically try to load 19 images in order and they are scrambled.

Doesn’t anyone else still have the same issue?

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Based on @creatorlars response, it sounds like the playback order is determined not by the file name, but the date/time the files were created on the SD card.

I know about this because I deal with animation sequences of numbered still frames all the time. This is a common issue with personal computer operating systems. You copy a bunch of files and expect them to be copied in the order of their file names. But that does not happen. The files are copied in the order that they were selected. And that selection order makes no sense, because it is not necessarily the same as the order in which you selected them in the GUI. E.g. on Windows, the procedure is to select the LAST file, hold down SHIFT, select the FIRST file, then copy / paste. It’s really stupid, it’s been this way for decades, and the only way to figure this out is through careful testing.

Since you are only dealing with tens of files (rather than hundreds or thousands), you can literally copy and paste them one at a time, in the order you wish them to play back.

But hopefully Lars will fix this with a firmware update. Sorting by filename is a key feature for any system that … deals with files. Sadly, different systems have different conventions and limitations. I.e. “alphabetical” is not standardized. Some systems can’t handle multiple dot separators, or leading numerals, etc.


Yes, sorting is vital. Depending on the directory order (the order in which the entries are stored in a directory’s internal “table”) is unreliable at best.

Have you guys tried running an application like “drivesort” to order/check the files on the sd card?

That makes sense, thanks a lot for you answer! I will try that next time I’m in front on my synth :slight_smile:

A fix via the firmware would be great, but for sure with that numbers of images it’s totally fine to copy them one by one!