Solarize function on Visual Cortex

I’m curious about how to get the most from the Solarize function on the Visual Cortex
“inverts all colour values below 0v”
In patching up Expedition and Cadet modules, how could I achieve negative values to utilise the solarize?

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Surely a passage would help because of the In & Bias knobs ranging from -5 to +5 but if the output strictly 0 to 1V then I’m wrong.
Have you got @syntonie’s invertor module & can it flip a 0 to 1V signal to 0 to -1V or does it flip it to 1V to OV?

About VU004, it does flip the input signal from 0V-1V to 1V-0V if that makes sense (the signal stays between 0-1V but “content” is inverted).

Then for Visual Cortex solarize part, I’m not sure how is it configured, but for solarization you’ll generally need a bipolar signal (-1V/+1V), then everything negative is rectified to positive, giving a 0-1V signal as a result.
I suppose the VC will scale the 0-1V signal to -1V/1V before the solarize part, so I don’t think you need to scale it beforehand.

(btw VU002 is composed of a 0-1V to -1V/+1V scaler + full wave rectifier)

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Cheers @syntonie :+1:t3:
I’ve got a couple of each & more in the cart at your online shop :grin:
Things are gonna be fun when they’re built & yes, the solarizing mode will simply have to be tested more. I’ve got a simplistic metre bridge module that has at last found a place & reason for being in my setup. Cheers for the inspiration :+1:t3: