Visual Cortex NTSC/PAL switching

I’m wanting to use my Visual Cortex with either PAL or NTSC inputs - keeping my entire system format-agnostic.

Obviously the switch is on the back…
For some reason I had assumed that if I plug in an NTSC signal even though it’s set to PAL, the VC would switch to NTSC. That doesn’t appear to be the case, so no idea where that assumption came from :roll_eyes:

Would it be feasible to add a breakout switch for the NTSC/PAL setting? Just like the Cadet modules have.
I’m already using the Pre-encoder RGB expander, and would make space on it for this switch.

What’d be ideal, is if the VC’s NTSC/PAL switch just toggles between an open signal and a reference voltage, as per Cadet Sync Gen:
Any chance this is the case? Or would there be another fairly easy to achieve option that doesn’t involve too much hacking of the VC?

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you could mount the switch on a panel (or side of case) and run wires - I wouldn’t expect LZX to fix it if you break it though!

or have an open backed case where you can get to the switch without removing hte modules from the case - this may be a better solution - just in case you ever need your VC fixing!


Can’t tell you about the Visual Cortex, but I am pretty sure the Cadet Sync needs a power cycle when you change between formats. I considered using a three-position (centre off) three-pole switch with the whole board’s +12V and -12V supplies on two of the poles :slight_smile: but there wasn’t really enough panel/PCB room to fit it in :-\


Now that’s a sick idea :star_struck:
Shame about the lack of space :frowning:

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