Shapechanger issues


So I’ve actually never gotten my shapechangers to work like they’re supposed to, so basically just ignored them for the past year. Anyways finally got annoyed and reracked em & still can’t get them to do what they’re supposed to. Skew doesn’t really work right (like it does in Sam’s vid) gamma curve does imperfect shapes… (Think squares with weird corners cut off & stuff)

So anyways took it apart to see if there’s anything obvious my eyes can spot and noticed a few solder bridges between pins on the 4851-4 IC’s, are those intentional?

Also one on an IT-68 IC. Before I solder sucker em figured worth asking just incase it’s intentional? Assuming not tho.


Hey Jesse! Can you take a picture of your patch?
You should be sending in the H & V ramps (sawtooth ones, Cortex switches both in middle positions) and you should have both of the H and V mirror switches in their UP positions. View shape on the Gradient or Stencil outs.

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The one appears to be functioning fine. Am able to manipulate shapes well & everything. There I think I was just mistaking the gamma curve clipping one corner in an unexpected way as broken-ness. It might be the case that it is borked on a deeper level but all the basic functionality is as expected.

The second SC doesn’t show anything from gradient or stencil out (mind you I’m using the same switch settings as the other, same ramps headed in and grad/sten out to the same cortex) so it’s certainly having issues. It does however show output from the H & V ramp out section. The visible ramps from those outputs are manipulable with the 4 knobs as one would expect.

Should I just plop it in a box with the fish? :slight_smile:
I can see a few solder bridges on that one so my guess is those are the issue.

Can you take a picture of what you mean, with the gamma on the first one?

Definitely if you’re getting inconsistent results (no output) on the second, sounds like a problem.

I wouldn’t worry about solder bridges as much – on those assemblies especially there’s some pins that are supposed to be connected, where they inherited some bridges. These were tested at Darkplace before shipping, but they do make mistakes sometimes.

So yeah, send it with the salmon and I hope whoever reads this thread next wonders what the hell salmon have to do with it. :woozy_face:

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Here’s a couple videos.

It’s easy to spot when it’s in mirror mode (mirror switches down). It might just be math that I don’t grasp?

I also tried it with ramps from VIDEO RAMPS instead of cortex, same weird corners. Cool though because it inspired a neat patch :slight_smile:

Second video is just to show that it can make clean shapes and functions well.

Salmon is at the bottom of it all people, it’s all salmon all the way down always.

Thanks for taking the time, you’re appreciated immensely.