Navigator - no LEDs

As the title states my navigator has no LEDs glowing and doesn’t appear to be spinning / morphing my ramp input. Could I just not be using it correctly which is likely, or does it seem like there is an issue of this is the case?

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Could it be that the RCAs on the back were not connected / synced to the Visual Cortex correctly? I would test myself but this happened away and I need to set my rig back up, cheers.

How are you powering and syncing the module? No LEDs typically indicates that the module is not receiving power and no rotation usually means it is not receiving a sync signal.

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Hi Zonkout yes the idea that there was not enough power makes sense and I can test this soon. With the Sync cables on the back going to Visual Cortex I’m pretty sure I had both sync Outs going to Sync Ins I hope that’s the correct connection.

Think of the sync chain like a one way street. Visual Cortex “sync out” to Navigator “sync in”, and so on to other modules that need sync. It’s not a loop. There should be a “master” and everything else should be “slaves”. There might also be a “termination” switch on some older gear. That should only be on for the last module in the chain. A “star configuration” is also possible if you have a sync distro, but that’s another can of worms.

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Thanks I obviously had a loop set up with the sync cables then, thanks for clarifying that. I really think it’s a power issue, will test today and update here later, cheers!!

Yes it was just a lack of power issue, admin can remove or modify the thread if they prefer to.