Issue with shapechanger



I just received my shapechanger. I dont know if i m doing something wrong with it or if i have an issue with it.
Using navigator shapechanger combo i m not able to create a shape and play with as i should do.
So to check the SC i ve pluged directly the H and V ramp from VC. Here the result :

Here the SC setup
Here the VC setup
if someone can help me…




Plug shapechanger output into red channel of cortex instead of colorize and see if that helps.


Also, take your ramps from Cortex into NAV first then into Shapechanger then into Red in the Cortex compositer.


Thank you.
I ve tried. always the same result a screen splited with a white side and a black side.
No shape…


I am guessing that you have the modules sync’d with Cortex using the rca’s under the modules?


yes of course !
only the navigator. shapechanger doesn t have rca sync


you will need to play with the mirrors to get it working and do 2d quadrilateral shapes, it will take you time to understand all the options shapechanger has.


Try this patch, check all switches are the same


Does the shape show correctly with ramps plugged into shapechanger only?


Hey tanks. you re right, need time to understand the beast. mirror switches solved all my questions.


Yep, both mirror switches up! The user reference card contains the “home position” in an illustration in case you get stuck.