Effective way of integrating shapechanger into recent system

Hej there,

how can i patch shapechanger into my recent System? more concrete i mean an advise like between modul a and b …
as i got a Performance on Saturday and SC just arrived I cant experiment with the Patches, so i thought you could give me some fast advise.
my Video Setup is : visual Cortex, prismatic ray, arch, Bridge, staircase and shape changer… the way i make it all move is with 5 infraredsonsores (also patched to filters and pitches etc.), programmed gates, lfos and Audio Signals, and using sequntial switches and siwtches to change Routings in a second….

thank you very much, and have a great day/ nigth!

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Looks like a fun setup.
Have you watched this yet?

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thanks, yeah i did and patched like this, i guess theres already so much modulation goin on, blurs the effect. i just tried to write down the patch…its to weird wired, i lost track. when i take down this patch and creat a new one i ll shre my discoveries :slight_smile:

regarding to the first patch in the video : as i understand there’s no need vor navigator if i just want to scale a shape… but do i need the cholor chords? does it sum up the h and v output of shapechanger again?
my shape is really chaotic and not that clean if i patch it like that:
V.C. h, v ramp out >>> S.C. h,v ramp in >>> S.C. h,v ramp out >> bridge mixer>>BR.mix out>>V.C. channel b in
… if i use S.C. gradient out>>>V.C.channel B in, the shape isn’t that clean either…
So what is the missing part? And is there a way to get the same results just directly out of S.C into V.C?
thanks a lot !

okay peopz, figured it out by accident! it works this way! the missing ingredient was to switch on both x and y mirror on shapechanger… and depending on the ramp mode on visual cortex the shape is between one in the middle, 2 or 4 near the edges…depending on the ramp mirrors.
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