Shapechanger vs. luma signals

I am trying to wrap my head around Shapechanger’s input possibilities - ramps are meant to be sent to the input but I guess it could be done with a camera input’s luma signal too somehow? Also, I am only dreaming about the other way round: modulating a Shapechanger with a luma signal. If anyone could help out that would be welcome. :slight_smile:

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You are correct that the input and modulation points on the Shapechanger are capable of receiving and processing any other signal in your LZX system (including the luma signal from a camera’s input). The “somehow” you refer to is as straightforward as patching the luma signal (perhaps output from a Visual Cortex or Cadet III) into either patch point on the Shapechanger. If you try it out, please post results, would be fun to see! Cheers!