Basic Technical Question



Hey there folks so I am wondering what is Red/Green/Blue and Luma in an LZX system, its obviously voltage but does it act as gain a system, how is it created and converted at the output. I can vaguely understand the ramps but the colour side of things is a little more tricky, any thoughts or info on this would be great, hopefully I have been clear, many thanks!


Hi @VideoFanatic . When you bring video into the system via an LZX TBC or Visual Cortex, it’s separated into 1V DC Luma, Red, Green, and Blue signals. This essential makes all four channels their own independent luma/brightness signals to route as you please within the system.

Then return whatever processed signals you want to the Red/Green/Blue inputs of the Compositor, and mix them out to the Decoder. At that point the final composition will be processed into a normal external video signal again (see this thread.)