LZX Signals and Sony PVM-411

Hey there,

I’m totally new to video synthesis and was thinking of picking up something like a Sony PVM-411 to monitor different parts of my patches. It’s a monitor array with 4 4" black&white crt screens, like you’d use with a surveillance camera setup. This link can give you more info about it (http://www.broadcaststore.com/pdf/model/5054/sony_pvm-411.pdf).

The question I have is whether I’d be able to plug an LZX signal (say one of the oscillator outputs on a Prismatic Ray) directly into the video inputs on the PVM-411? Or, would I need something to convert the LZX signal to composite?

Any thoughts you can share would be a huge help. Thanks!

Welcome to the infinite and exciting world of video synthesis.
Using those monitors you will not be able to monitor LZX signals directly from module patch points. Only Visual Cortex, Vidiot, Memory Palace, Cadet II, or the old Visionary RGB Encoder will give you composite outputs to send to the monitors. For previewing parts of your patch before the output encoder, you will need to find a Liquid TV module (which is no longer in production).

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That’s what I was assuming, but I hoped the tvs being black&white would have changed something. Thanks for the response.