19" rack mount monitors

Hey, does anyone have experience with affordable current generation 19" rack-mountable IPS monitors? I am looking for something that can loop YPbPr signals out of LZX encoders and into capture devices.

I came across these three that all look the same. Different brands slapped on identical hardware?

Thoughts? Are these any good? I’m not intending to rescan off of these, I just want fairly decent color and contrast.



Elvid StudioVision Dual 7" Monitor Rackmount


Delvcam DELV-2LCD7-3GHD Dual Rackmount 7" 3G-SDI Monitors


Lilliput Dual 7" 3U 3G-SDI Monitor Rackmount


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The critical question for me regarding monitors is how well do they display black and white? Is the black properly black? Is the white proper white?

I don’t know these monitors, but my experience with BLD 8" monitors is that they get this right. Maybe the other pro brands do too. I expect they do.

What input do you require for these monitors? SDI OK?

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I want to monitor YPbPr signals out of LZX encoders, loop through the monitors, and onward to capture devices.

Regarding SDI, I would rather not have too many converter boxes. Physical space is limited in my studio, and power distribution starts to be a PITA when you’ve got a million little boxes, each with their own wall wart.

This is why we need LZX modules with digital interfaces. Decoder with HDMI and HD-SDI input, encoder with HDMI and HD-SDI output.

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Yep. I understand power and space considerations. I don’t think it makes sense to expect LZX to produce all these items given their size and the intense amount of R&D it would take to do so. Generally, most 2 up monitors like the ones posted above are SDI only. I use the Black Magic version but only for confidence. They are rather bright. Marshall used to make a component version but I don’t remember if it had passthrough. If you are using hardware to capture, you could run the monitor after capture. That’s how I run it.

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When I read the topic I was thinking along lines of racking a Sony PVM-8045Q. But that wasn’t the intent. I would recommend exploring the Atomos line of products and figures out a configuration. Takes minimal space.

I don’t expect LZX to produce a unit like the ones I listed above, I’m just asking if anyone has experience with them. I am not looking for something color critical, I just want to know if these units suck or not. They are inexpensive and do exactly what I want. My intended signal path is to monitor directly out of the LZX encoders, loop through the monitors, and into a PC capture card. This is to minimize latency on monitoring during live performance. Monitoring after the capture would introduce at least a frame of latency.

The Atomos devices are very cool, but A) out of my intended price range, and B) don’t support YPbPr, requiring converter boxes.

I see your position! The rack monitors you’re looking into do look nice!!! I just don’t have any direct experience with. Yeah Atomos route not cheap, and you will needs a converter box as you mentioned. The later combo does work seamlessly though, but comes with a cost.

These are all fine products. I like Lilliput. Depending on where you position them in your setup id recommend you pay attention angle of view because it can be quite bad on some of these small monitors. They do make rack mount adaptors where you can pivot them up or down to compensate for that if it is an issue.

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Thanks! You mean vertical angle of view, right? These IFS monitors are supposed to have 178 degrees of horizontal view.

I’m intending to mount them in a rack as close to eye level as possible.

Yep. Sometimes best laid plans in monitor height don’t work out. Just mentioning that there are solutions. Or at least options.