Ripples on shapes: DSG or ESG issue or power issue?

I hooked my synth up after moving recently and noticed these ripples on the shapes going from DSG > keychain> ESG

So I took keychain out and ran DSG>ESG and turned the contrast up and was getting edges like this

Is this a power issue? I’ve got a meanwell power supply mounted in there and am using the barrel jacks for the power input. Or something wrong with DSG or ESG? I tried DWO>ESG to see if it still had the ripples and it has this almost diagonal grid on the bars where the edges of the bars skip.

It just started after I moved last month so it’s possible I could’ve knocked something loose while moving. If it’s a power issue it’s weird that it wasn’t happening before. Any ideas? Thanks.

Thanks for sharing the images. What resolution are you using on ESG3? How are you connecting to the projector? Do you notice the edge noise on other display devices (capture, or direct to a monitor)?

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It’s in NTSC mode and the ripples were appearing on the projector and on a monitor. It seems to have just been a power issue because last night I hooked it up to the power supply for the new case I’m building and that seems to have fixed it. Now the edges of the shapes are sharp and there’s no longer the diagonal steps on the DWO bars. I didn’t open the case enough to check if something was shorting out the power distribution bus I mounted inside (it has a plastic cover but I could see how something could fall into it from the sides) or if the power supply itself went bad, but I’ll check that when I move everything to the new case when it’s finished next week. The PSU that was having issues is a meanwell LPV-60-12
And the new power supply is a meanwell LRS 150-12

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That’s very interesting. Technically Gen3 modules should be agnostic about the source of the voltage–unless the power supply actually has an issue. I’ve experienced failing Meanwell supplies in the past, when making custom cases–so maybe it’s just that?
Glad the new supply did the trick.

Sometimes patch cables starting to malfunction have caused various interference to ramp shapes for me, like I see here too. Repatching on the fly during a performance recently fixed my round ramp suddenly turning to lines like that last photo.

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