Cause of artifacts with Video Waveform Generator?

I have a Video Waveform Generator and I’m wondering what the cause is of these artifacts along the edges of the lines is. Is it a power supply issue?

The case is a Tiptop mantis, and it’s running only into the Visual Cortex in this patch. But the case has a few other LZX and BSO modules in it and powered on. The VWG is on the same power bus as the VC (to get sync).

Thanks in advance for suggestions on how to get a clean line with this module!

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Has the VWG a sync input on the front panel? If so, is the issue the same?
Have you plugged out all the other modules to see if that helped?
Do you know someone with a small case you can borrow from or someone you can visit & plug your VC & VWG modules into their system?
I’ve seen other threads where people said doepfer PSUs seemed good enough while others had some issues with the Mantis if I’m not mistaken.

If you are referring to the inconsistent line that jitters at the end of the saw (or square) cycle… That’s analog, baby. Since the waveform is only synced at the beginning of the frame there is possibility for frequency jitter to manifest itself within the frame. An oscillator would need to be prefectly stable to mitigate such an artifact.


@pbalj yep, that would be it! At least I think so. Well, I’m sort of relieved. Now I can just accept the analog glory and have fun.


I will definitely experiment with what I have to see if it makes any difference.

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