PVM9041QM problem with RGB. S-Vid & Composite are okay

Looks exactly like this, sans the 4:3/16:9 switch.

  • Roland V4 via S-Video or Composite is fine.

  • V4 out to Kramer VP-727 switcher/scaler works well to DVI & VGA on Benq monitor

  • Kramer VP-727 via RGB to the 9041QM looks like this (yes, this is V4 Preview output but the result is the same upon the Main output as well.

  • 9041QM switched to RGB input and RGB.

  • Sync set to Internal. External produces a black screen.

  • Similar result (but better color) when switched to RGB input and YPbPr, (or was it the other way around? Either way, it doesn’t work.)

  • Cables eliminated as source of error by swapping out a known good one, one-at-a-time.

  • Every resolution on scaler has been tried.

Link to Kramer VP-727 manual

Link to Sony PVM 9041QM Manual

I had to stop futzing with it as I have an engagement to go to. I figured I’d implore y’all for an assist.

Well I hope I’m wrong but I think I found the problem. It looks like the VP-727 will only output a progressive signal. And I’d be surprised if the Sony accepted progressive.

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that’ll do it - you need a converter that outputs interlaced video


Thanks to you both. It’s pretty obvious, once pointed out, that we’re seeing the two interlaced frames. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I was blind to the readily apparent as the other two outputs (of the scaler) were displaying correctly (DVI & VGA).
I’m very much surprised that there is only one interlaced setting on the output of the scaler.

I’ll check for a firmware update and also see if an appropriate interlaced setting can be set up as one of the three craftable “user” output options.

Thanks again for the help.

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Kramer support got back to me very quickly (under 30 mins) and sent me a link to an update that might make things work. I’ll have to install an emulator or grab a PC for this and then see how it goes. Will report back.

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good luck! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:
I’ve got a hdmi → component converter that does this and another that just won’t play into my visual cortex at all - but thankfully just 20 quid each or so - the first one can be used as an effect - the second is now being used to send chromecast to an old tv…