Visual Cortex Component output to Roland V4EX rgb/component input

Hey there, while I am reposting this from a comment in an older thread, it hasn’t got any replies, so I thought it needs it’s own topic. I’m trying to do component output from my visual cortex to rgb/component input 4 on the Roland v4ex. The V4ex has a rgb/component 15 din connection. The first component rca to 15 din cable I bought for this ended up looking like the wrong colors. I couldn’t find any settings about color space (ie rgb and component) for that input. I think I got a bad cable and and returned it, visual cortex output from cvbs and svideo is fine, but there is a slim chance that my third owner VC needs servicing, the face plate text is mostly missing :sweat_smile:. Does anyone else have success connecting the component YPbPr output from visual Cortex to the component/rgb input 4 on the v4ex? What cable did you use? I did find something in the manual later on about needing to be in 1080i mixer output settings for the rgb/component output to be YPbPr and that 1080p will be rgb output, maybe the same applies for rgb/component input? For now I’m in a holding pattern on buying a new adapter cable until someone with some experience can respond. :crazy_face: :vulcan_salute:


I have a V4EX and have had limited success getting the VC component output to work with the mixer. If you want to link the cable your working with, I would be willing to compare results so that if nothing else we can rule some stuff out or see if we are getting the same sort of output.

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It’d be interesting to compare output imagary from both systems into input 4 & see if the incorrect colours are similar or not. Use some simple ramps into the VC ch.A & B inputs, default colour settings for example.

Are you able to test the Cortex YPbPr output with anything other than the V4ex?


I ordered another vga to component adapter cable.
I’ll see if master output settings on V4ex might fix the issue when it arrives. It does look like it could be rgb input of a YPbPr source that’s making the color off. I’m also going to test RGB output of the memory palace with this theory when the cable arrives.

@Robbertunist If I use the cvbs and svideo from the VC into input 4 at the same time as the component, the cvbs and svideo colors are correct.

My receiver in my living room can take component input, I might move the rig over there for a test sometime if the new cable doesn’t work out. But since there are other reports about this input being an issue, I’m guessing it’s not the Visual Cortex’s problem.

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Are you sure this is a component input and not a VGA connector? If its VGA, then the H/V sync signals will be missing. You could test this by using a Component->VGA converter.

All the VGA breakout cables I’ve seen provide the H/V sync signals too. There are matrix switchers that use 5 signals, RGBHV, on BNC connectors. I suspect that’s the kind of device the breakout cables are for. If so, perhaps someone could DIY a VGA output module for a VC using the headers on the back of this module. Perhaps this VGA output module could take the VC’s HV signals from the sync bus header and the RGB signals from the output decoder header. Then you could simply connect a standard VGA cable to the V4EX input. Disclaimer: I may have totally misunderstood everything, of course. I’m just reading the documentation for devices and standards, and wildly speculating.

Anyway, this is a fascinating thread. Good luck!

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NOT being an Electronic or Electrical Engineer, I think @Nerdware’s immediately above idea sounds great :star_struck:
@Fox, @luix, @syntonie, @aladan, @reverselandfill, who’s got a mixer with a VGA input & the time & interest to try this? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the ideas, the V4ex manual states

So I am assuming this 15 pin vga to component cable I ordered from Monoprice is correct.
@Genlok also confirmed this is likely the correct cable, has had success connecting to v4ex with a similar cable, and thought maybe I had a bad cable the first time. He also suggested setting input 4 settings to 480i instead of auto.

Cable shipped yesterday, so I’ll report back once it arrives and I do some testing.


Should work if you use the right adapters/splitters… its similar to the “Vidiot Component
Ouput” hack.

check this post from the FB group

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Neat, thank you for sharing!
But I don’t think anything like that will have to be done.

My plan b is that I have a Retrotink 2x-pro that can convert the component to hdmi

This cable will work I can confirm, because I have a Edirol V4EX with that cable and my visual cortex.


I cant find my V4EX walt wart, wanted to take a screenshot of the settings I have to share with you, because its probably that also what you are missing.

I’ve used these for two years with no issues.

I use the v4ex for live applications and not to capture usually. The v4ex has a tiny hiccup with lots of feedback. It’s not too bad for live but for recording it stands out to me.