Visual Cortex Output Appears to Have Died

I’ve had my VC for a number of years and it’s always run as expected. Currently the end of chain is VC to a composite to HDMI converter to a BM Assist.

Last night in the middle of using the system the BM Assist screen went blue indicating no signal. I swapped the feed to the HDMI upscaler from the VC to the composite out on the ET Structure and signal appeared on the BM Assist screen. I plugged svideo out from the VC to a known good monitor and got no signal. So I think the VC output section has died.

Are there any other tests I should run to confirm this?

What is the path to repair if it is indeed dead?

Sorry to hear it!
You could check the Cortex’s YPbPr output, but if you want the composite output, then it would be best to send an email to to begin an RMA. Be sure to include your return shipping address and phone number in the email.

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