Feeding VGA to Visual Cortex

I just picked up a used Extron DVS304A that I’m hoping will work to get VGA output from a computer into an LZX Visual Cortex for manipulation. Anyone else do this? If so, what is your workflow?

they have worked just fine for me in every application I’ve used them for
scaling things coming out of visual cortex or scaling before they go to a v440 mixer

I’ve got a couple different versions for different things

I used to use an Extron scaler for VGA -> YPbPr 480i exactly like this and it worked very well.

Good to hear. Thanks!

Digging up an old topic, about this specific scaler… Extron DVS 304

All the specs I’ve seen mention 480p and 576p output, but not the interlaced equivalents.
I don’t believe this will work scaling VGA to Component to use with the Visual Cortex, since that needs an interlaced input.

Any experiences that can confirm this?
Or workarounds to consider?

I have a couple DVS units that I haven’t ever plugged in with the system I bought when they were like 10 and 15$$

I’m moving rooms for the setup currently but I can try to get one plugged in to see what happens :slight_smile: I know I have a 204 I forget what the other one is

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would love for you to test, if you can - just so if anyone goes searching in the future they may come across this
Even if you just post the model numbers, I’ll happily look up the output specs and share them for curiosity