RGB to VGA Connection from Visual Cortex

Hello –
I purchased an RGB to VGA cable to connect my Visual Cortex to a flatscreen LCD monitor, and it’s not working. Any idea what needs to be done?
Thank you!

Could you share a link to the one that you bought? This will help troubleshoot.

Sure — thanks so much. It’s from Monoprice…seems like a great cable. Not sure why my monitor isn’t working with it:

My read of the description:

This cable is intended for use with projectors that use a VGA connector for its component (YPbPr) video connection. This cable DOES NOT CONVERT VGA signals to component video or vice versa - it functions only with devices that use the VGA connector for component video.

Is that it won’t work in this context. It’s essentially just passing the component signals over the VGA connector, and not converting component to VGA. VGA is red, green, blue signals, and component is luminance, red - luminance, blue - luminance, iirc. Same color scheme on the connectors though.

Okay – I didn’t understand that, and took a risk. Any idea what I need to connect the Visual Cortex to a monitor with VGA input? Is there an inexpensive converter?

Perhaps this converter would work??

That looks like it does the right thing. No comments on quality as I’ve not used it.

Ticks the boxes

  • component in (supports 480/576)
  • vga out

Good luck!