Visual cortex to CRT computer monitor problems

i am having trouble sending a signal to my very old and heavy Sony multiscan 200es CRT computer monitor. I am sending a signal from the visual cortex ypbpr output to the VGA socket of the monitor. The Sony monitor displays OUT OF SCAN RANGE.
here is a link to the monitors manual which includes its signal specs.

has anyone here had this problem or know a solution?? thanks!

for any other lost souls out there also stumbling across deserts of ignoramus like myself. re: the component out > vga in connection; you need some kinda hardware converter… i think…

praps like this >

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^Did that work??? Some monitors I’ve used without issue; Sony KV-1311, PVM-1341, and PVM-8045Q. I’d look into trying another monitor that doesn’t require a converter box.

just ordered a converter box. i’ll let you know what happens. but good to know there are other options. i read somewhere that a vga signal is totally different from component and needs unscrambling/scrambling. obviously the monitors you’ve noted are simply taking a component signal via the vga socket?