Visual cortex to CRT computer monitor problems

i am having trouble sending a signal to my very old and heavy Sony multiscan 200es CRT computer monitor. I am sending a signal from the visual cortex ypbpr output to the VGA socket of the monitor. The Sony monitor displays OUT OF SCAN RANGE.
here is a link to the monitors manual which includes its signal specs.

has anyone here had this problem or know a solution?? thanks!

for any other lost souls out there also stumbling across deserts of ignoramus like myself. re: the component out > vga in connection; you need some kinda hardware converter… i think…

praps like this >

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^Did that work??? Some monitors I’ve used without issue; Sony KV-1311, PVM-1341, and PVM-8045Q. I’d look into trying another monitor that doesn’t require a converter box.

just ordered a converter box. i’ll let you know what happens. but good to know there are other options. i read somewhere that a vga signal is totally different from component and needs unscrambling/scrambling. obviously the monitors you’ve noted are simply taking a component signal via the vga socket?

well, the converter does the trick - however a little disappointed with the monitors’ brightness and detail.

Every time I’ve used cheap converters like this I’ve ended up with poor color and contrast. I would suggest getting a CRT video monitor or consumer TV, which is what the the LZX gear is designed to operate on. You can also look at converting to digital with devices like the RetroTink and OSSC and view on your preferred HDTV. Although converting to digital will also look different from the analog source, it’s at least moving the signal to a place you’ll need to be for projections and video capture.