CRT rescanning and Vidiot output

Hi! I am trying to maximize the signal quality out of my Vidiot (I must have watched the workflow video five times yesterday) I’d like some advice on CRTs for rescanning.

  1. Can I convert the 1V RGB outputs from the vidiot into a VGA or component/s-video signal?

  2. If I convert the composite to something better outside of the Vidiot (using an adapter) and improve my signal in any way?

  3. What’s the best composite can look on a CRT for rescanning? Any point in shelling out the cash for a PVM, or can I use an old computer monitor and set it to 120Hz?

3 PVM pricing seems to just keep going up and up because of video synth / video game enthusiasts try something cheap and available to you first

2 here is a list of converters that is being constructed

1 yes you can do that with something like a visual cortex or chromagnon


Late reply, but in general before spending money on PVM we’d recommend trying out different old CRT televisions (according to where you live, you may find them for free or for very cheap through thrift stores, friends and parents basements, on the street or close to trash deposits).

Also consider the weight and portability if you perform live. TVs are much lighter than PVMs, some of them have handles (some PVMS have too)

Specifically for rescanning, a preference factor may be how square/flat the display is. Round corners mean you may have to slightly cut the picture borders, while a heavily convex display lead to a bubble effect distortion.


I suspect it’s mostly video gamers not video synthesists - the ratio must be in the 1000:1 or more