Differences in monitor/screen types for use with Vidiot?

Hey so I recently picked up a Vidiot and was trying to just follow along with the intro video for it on the LZX youtube channel and noticed certain things looked different and I wondered if my TV was the issue. Any time my patterns got too dense, it would tend to look blurry and fuzzy rather than simply a dense pattern.

The TV i’m using is an LED Samsung TV (like 32" or something, just had it in a closet and it’s the only screen I own with input other than HDMI). I never changed any aspect ratio settings in case that makes a difference. I was using composite (I just ordered a set of component cables after reading here that it is higher quality).

I noticed that most people use CRT monitors or LCD screens. The former is more money than I’d like to spend unless I have to (I’d rather spend the money on a camera or DVD/VHS player unless I manage to find a tube screen locally for under $100) so I’m debating trying to find a barebones LCD just to have more excuses to lose a few hours to the Vidiot or figure out if my current TV can work.

Can anyone share some insight on the advantages/disadvantages of screen types and/or ways to mitigate the downfalls of less-than-ideal devices? Sorry if this has been asked. I tried searching for “monitor” and “television” and “led” and wasn’t able to figure out the answer to my question. tia

Thanks for posting. Where are you located? I see free CRTs on the curb and cheap ones at thrift stores all the time in Texas. Check out the free section of your local Craigslist!

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Hey thanks! I tried searching “crt monitor” in my area (Cleveland) and didn’t find what I was looking for nor did I find anything at my local thrift store but it looks like there’s quite a few on the free section!

Is that going to give me a picture more similar to the LZX demo videos of the Vidiot? Is using the composite cable included fine?

Appreciate the suggestion. Looks like I’ll have to snag myself a tube TV and get back to toying around

Most people giving away CRT monitors just think of them as OLD TV’s! Hope you find a good one.
The Vidiot demos on Youtube are captured digitally (Blackmagic Terranex Mini- SDI out to Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2), but there are lots of people rescanning CRT screens.

Try looking for terms that were more common to CRT owners and brands/models that were more common on CRT models, these are terms I’ve used successfully:
13" TV - a common size of small CRTs that is rare for HDTVs.
Trinitron, Wega - popular lines of Sony CRTs
JVC - Brand that didn’t make a lot of HDTVs.
PVM - Try your luck! Sony’s professional CRTs are extremely sought-after by retro gamers and video artists alike for their exceptional image quality.

I’ve found the most reliable search term for cheap CRTs is definitely “tube TV.”

That’s what people who don’t realize they might be worth something seem to call them.