Extron VSC 500: VGA to RGB for my LZX system

Hi there!

I’ve been using the Extron VSC 500 to convert VGA signals to RGBHV with success in the past 3 years.

Last week i had to connect the VGA cable to the converter, i was both literally and figuratively shocked by the potential difference between my laptop and VSC 500.

Since my Memory Palace has been sent to LZX twice this year for repair i’m very hesitant of using this combo in the future.

So is there a way to get these potential differences out of the way? (Grounding everything?)
Or is there a better way getting the video from my laptop converted to RGB? (My wallet doesn’t fancy TBC2)

P.s. people have told me before the Extron signals are lower, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue in relation to the thing i want.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m curious about this set up, as I have an Extron VSC 500.

How do you convert the separate Hsync and Vsync to the LZX sync?

Why don’t the raw VGA signals on pins 1, 2, 3,13 and 14 work? Why go through the Extron?

Any luck dealing with the shock? Is it only happening with the laptop or do other VGA sources do the same?


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Hi Bill,

I’m not using the H or V sync. Besides RGBV i’m using the (composite) VID out to sync with my LZX system.

This is the same reason i’m not using the signals directly from the VGA port. Besides that the VSC 500 let me tweak the size and position.

To be honest i haven’t used this combination because my mempal has been gone for repair two times now. It took 6 months to repair due to a broken main board (which i totally understand) But this stresses the fact i’m super hesitant to use anything different than LZX / eurorack stuff.

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I didn’t realize the composite out would work at the same time as the RGBHV. I’ll have to try it, thanks!

I use a Syntonie VU003B to go from component video to RGB. Unfortunately, I’ve never had success converting from HDMI to component in a way that the VU003B would accept. There are so many different frame rates for HDMI that I’m sure this is due to the limitations of my cheap converter boxes. What I do at the moment is:

HDMI → VGA → Extron VSC 500 → YPbPr → VU003B → RGB

I used to go to composite and then to VGA, but this looked a lot worse. So then I discovered these simple HDMI to VGA cable adapters, and not only was the set up simplified a bit, but it also looked a lot better.

If you have a good HDMI to YPbPr, then you could skip the VGA/Extron step.

I built the VU003B myself from a kit (or actually maybe I just ordered the PCB/panel set), so it wasn’t all that expensive. Not the easiest kit, but not terribly difficult either. Not for beginners though.

I’ve followed you up on the VU003B Bill, i think its a good way of galvanic isolation. Thanks!

Syntonie posted a mod for the VU003B. Replacing a couple of resistors should make it easier to accept HD signals. documentation/VU003B/VU003B_Modif.pdf at master · Syntonie/documentation · GitHub

So now im using my VSC500 for input and my DVS304 for upscaling and out. Im happy with how it works!

Thanks, solved i guess!