Composite video TO RGB

Hello friends!

I have been having some issues recently and I wonder if anyone can shine a light for me…

I have my Visual Cortex running through BPMC Fluxus Duo via Panasonic AVE5 mixer. Output to my analog monitor is perfect.
output to Extron RGB-HDMI 300a upscaler via [generic Composite to RGB converter] is having issues. Picture will intermittently flicker black (every 5 to .2 seconds), making my video recordings useless.
I know the Extron device works. before introducing other things I had the upscaler receiving direct from the VC via [Component to RGB cable] and no issues. Problem is my outputs from AVE-5 are all BNC/Composite so I can’t simply use that lead.
I need to take the Composite output from AVE-5 and convert to RGB for the Extron to pick it up. But the converter I have is crap. There must be a better solution!

Any and all suggestions appreciated! :pray::nerd_face:


The BPMC is going to disrupt the signal a bit. At lower effect ranges you might get “valid” output that will not cut out on your converter, but high effects will distort the image significantly and cause dropout in any digitally based converter. You can think of it that a significant glitch from the enhancer will push the video signal outside of the range of what is considered “valid” video and the converter will temporarily shut off or blue screen because the structure of the video signal is becoming too disrupted to display. This happens with many capture cards and projectors. The best way to solve this is to use a time based corrector before your conversation or capture to stabilize the video into “valid “ video.

Thanks for the advice. Actually, I thought I had sorted my TBC problems when I bought the AVE-5, as it has TBC built in (the Fluxus Duo wouldn’t give any stable picture at all before that), but perhaps the AVE-5 isn’t bombproof and the output of it is unstable somehow at particular effects settings. Do I need another TBC?! Damn.
Might not be that though, I genuinely think the converter I have is of poor quality…
Thanks for your thoughts though…

So I have had 2 wjave 7 mixers, both actually died over time unfortunately because my archer enhancer (a standalone similar to the fluxus but higher voltage) actually partially killed both mixers. I was never able to use projectors or capture or digitize well with the internal TBC while an archer was in the chain. An external TBC did solve this issue and would be my recommendation, or rescanning a CRT would be a good option. A better composite to RGB converter might solve some of the dropout but I’d still vote for a TBC if you can find a good deal on one, especially if you want to digitize/convert the really crunchy effects. Cheers

Edit: The wjaves in fact do have a TBC that will in fact tame some of the image desynchronization but their internal TBCs are relatively weak compared to a dedicated external device

Crappy converters can be the cause of many problems. Though, yeah, it could be a sync issue too.

I think this is the converter people have generally recommended in the past:

(see here, for example: Composite to RGB conversion? )

Seems to be out of stock at the moment, both via Ambery there and on Amazon.

I don’t have one, so I can’t comment on its abilities. For the price, though, I wonder if you might be able to find a different Extron converter (used, presumably) that will take composite input?

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Thanks for the info. Interesting stuff. I’m new enough to all this so it’s definitely helpful to hear about your experiences. I’m looking at getting a better converter to start with.
I didn’t realise there could be ‘weak’ TBC, but I guess as with any electronics there’s well built stuff/good components, and not so good. Perhaps it’s all the more apparent when you have the constant visual reference, compared to, say, musical synthesis or musical machines, where a poor build might just make the sound a little duller, but you can still work with it.

I’m wondering, if it comes to me spending out big money to come up with a solution - do any of the LZX modules, except for TBC2, have TBC built in? Like the Chromagnon, Vidiot, or the Memory palace? It would be good to get a little more bang for my buck while I’m at it!

Do you get stable output from the AVE-5 if you take Fluxus out of the chain? Good idea to isolate parts of the chain and see if you can determine which one is causing the issue.

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That’s a good idea of course. But I’m pretty sure image will be stable if I take Fluxus out.
I’m gonna try that tomorrow! I’ll let you know :wink:

I also use a Panasonic WJ-AVE5 to tame the glitches coming from a BPMC device. It took me a bit to realize the TBC has only effect on the main output and the REC outputs, but not on the monitor outputs. So that’s something to take into account in the routing of a very distorted signal - it may apply or not to your setup.

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Chromagnon will have a TBC built in. Definitely the best bang for the buck!

That’s very interesting, thanks!! That might just be the problem. I’m not in the studio atm but that’s the first thing I’m gonna check when I get back in there. Fingers crossed that’s it!

Looking at that again. It looks so good.
I think I might give myself a bonus Christmas pressie this year :joy:

Looking for a similar solution. Figure if I’m going to use something like the ambrey(sold out currently I think) I’d like it better if it was a mixer capable of introducing feedback. Complete over kill but would do Component out, has enough inputs for feedback, and give you some flexibility for HD capture when Chromagnon eventually does come out would be the Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer. But that’s ($2495) a lot of modules you could buy instead. Plus never used it so could not tell you if it all plays nice. Currently looking for older mixers and cameras with component out so please update and I will as well!