Color composite to component?


Luma processing is fun in and of itself, but I would like the option of passing full color through composite. My composite input options ATM are Vidiot and Visual Cortex, and both only input greyscale.

I think the TBC2 will do this, or at least convert color composite to 1v RGB, which will work as well for what I have in mind.

In the interim, has anyone used this convertor? It’s a tad expensive for what it is, but if it works OK, it might be worth it.

Apologies if this is a redundant topic.


i use this converter to go into my visual cortex it was one of the first external converter boxes I bought and has worked flawlessly for a long time.

right now it sits after my V4 again going into the visual cortex

I’ve used both the composite and the s-video inputs and both work great


Nice, that’s more or less what I’m trying to do as well, but with an MX-1 mixer. Thanks for the feedback.


Yes, I also use one of these devices, and used it with a V-4 and a VC. It’s simple, effective and reasonably priced. I often forget its there, it works so well!


if it doesn’t work right away there is a button on the face of the unit that you may need to press


This converter from Ambery (which looks identical, and is the same price) used to be listed as the recommended component-composite converter on the old LZX site. I’ve got one, works great.