Vidiot pass thru 1V RGB

I want to use the Vidiot to pass a clean/non-modified 1V RGB straight through into the Memory Palace. Suggestions? Thank you.

I think you can just plug a 1V RGB signal into the colorizer inputs on the Vidiot (Right side). Then you could run cables from the 1V RGB outs of the Vidiot Colorizer (On the back) into the 1V RGB inputs on the Memory Palace. Just make sure the colorizer knobs are centered. Probably need to turn up the CV on the knobs (I would double check this, however I loaned my vidiot to a friend).

It might be easiest to just plug the 1V signal directly into the Memory Palace if you want to keep the signal clean. Though, having the versatility of the Vidiot in the signal chain would be useful if you decided later that you wanted to process the signal with the Vidiot’s controls.

Are you possibly trying to convert a composite video signal into 1V RGB just purely by using Vidiot? Like basically using it only as a sync generator/genlock and input amp?

Yes, you are correct.

Incoming composite signal is only converted to 1V signals after going through either the luma or RGB sides of Vidiot. The synth cannot give you CVBS color decoding to 1V RGB. The video signal is converted to luma, then colorized, in the RGB section.