Vidiot freezes when I attempt to use external video

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new Vidiot user here. I am attempting to use video in through the composite port on the back, but as soon as I connect a cable there, the video coming out from the Vidiot completely freezes, until I remove the cable again.

I am guessing that maybe the incoming video signal (coming from a Raspberry Pi with composite output) is in a format the Vidiot doesn’t like? Is there a limit on what video signals the Vidiot can take in?

WAG here - NTSC and PAL are accepted. Do you know what the PI is outputting?

Thanks. I did manage to switch my Pi output to PAL and 4:3 and the freezes are gone now, but instead nothing shows up at all when I switch the modifier knobs to video.

It’s like nothing is there. I know video is being output as PAL now, because I can connect to my capture card and get the video straight from the Pi.

How would I go about checking if my video input circuit is broken?

You’ve made it to the limit of my knowledge!

If the PI outputs PAL, and the capture card accepts it, then it seems like the PI should make it through the Vidiot. I don’t have one yet to help. My only further guess would be to consult the manual and check that the knobs on the Vidiot are in a default setting.


I believe I learned from a previous question/answer that the Vidiot cannot get full color video from in to out.

Can someone confirm this is actually the case?

Or help me understand what exactly it can do with regard to external video sources that are not cameras? (rather, things like computers)


Correct; Vidiot only takes video in as luma information (black and white version of the image.) This is a traditional approach for video devices that include a Colorizer like this.

once you start digging in and patching/adding feedback the vidiot can get some pretty wild colors going
honestly I can easily pick out (at least in my own work) what includes and doesn’t include the vidiot
it has a special look that I can’t get enough of

hello, i post here as i think my situation belongs here instead of a new tread. i read now in this topic that the vidiot doesn´t accept coloured input. i can´t seem to get anything displayed in the vidiot from external source, but if i input my external source, and then connect a display unit in the loop through, i can see the image i input in full colors, i tried this with 2 different devices and the behaviour is the same. is this normal? i´m converting an hdmi to pal composite, in regard to Vacuum question 2 posts above, with the purpose of manipulating clip inside the vidiot. i´m using a pc for inputing video into the vidiot, how would i go having black and white image? cause turning colors off from the vj program i use for triggering clips doesn´t change the situation…what confuses me is that i can loop through the image i input and see it in full colors, but i can´t display it inside the vidiot. also, there a guy on youtube who is using a dvd player into the vidiot, isn´t that a color output?..thanks for your amazing work

You can use color video signals, but when processed through the Vidiot, only the grayscale image is used for modulation and colorization. Loopthru seems like its functioning normally, but it doesn’t sound like your external input is functioning correctly. Does the output of the unit look normal otherwise? You see shapes, patterns in color from the color output?

yes, everything seems to work correctly except for the video input that, again, is displaying the full coloured image on the loop through.maybe is the device i use to input?i have an hdmi to av converter set to pal 720*576 50hz. i can loop through the image but no way to see it inside the vidiot. i also tried with a gopro hero 5 through the converter and then in the vidiot, same behaviour: i see the full image on the loop through but i can´t see it in any way in the vidiot.the cv input seems to work, if i input anything in the 1/8" jack of the video input on the back panel it displays, and i´m also able to take it´s outpunt on the front panel and input it anywhere and it displays. is there any recommended setting for viewing the image? i thought it would show setting the colorizer modulation to camera, or setting the luma to camera and the colorizer to luma, but i had no luck. any further test i can take to check the input functionality? thanks for your kind help

Do you have just a normal DVD player you can use? Which converter are you using? Some can be trouble. Ultimately this sounds like a warranty repair, but I’d check with a device that has native PAL output first.

i use a super cheap linq hdv620. i can thest with a dvd player in 2 week as i will get home for a couple of show in wich i will use the vidiot. i have one question tho, if i take the luma out and input in the video in and the the colorizer to camera, shouldn´t i see the luma images? i tried this and the screen is vertically divided in 2 colored portion. if i set the gate negative mode to key 2 i can sweep the vertical division across the screen, with the vertical division at left with key threshold at 0, in the middle with treshold at 50% and on the right with treshold al 100%. with the 3 color knobs voltage offset set at -100 and modulation depth at 0 the left is black and the right is white( it colours going up with the knob, with the dark portion always at the left).i also noticed i get a cv change whenever i input something in the ext video in if the colorizer is set to luma. for example if i set luma to horizontal osc and colorizer to luma, the horizontal division transform into a curve starting from upper left and endin in lower right, this also affects the square and round modulation. but maybe that´s normal behaviour? thanks again for your kind help

hello, i tried with a dvd player and there´s no way to display the image in the vidiot. is there any recommended setting for viewing external input?

A double image of the external signal sounds like the device is trying to send a progressive output rather than interlaced. Can you write out what your exact signal path is, when passing video through with the DVD player? Try to eliminate any external converters if possible when testing,.

it was just the dvd straight into the external input of the vidiot. now that you mention it i might want to check on this progressive/interlaced thing

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hello, the video input is not working, now it started acting weird when i activate loop through, the whole image flicker with grey color, how do i open a ticket for repair? also how long would it take approximately? thank you

You can now open a repair ticket directly by e-mailing
We’ll get it sorted out!

thank you, i´ll send some videos to show the problem and see if it´s doable