PJ302M / 729JH Jacks

Just a quick information post. Thonk recently listed their PJ302M right angled jacks as not recommended for new designs, and listed the 729JH red jacks as their new standard right angle Jack but warned about a slightly different footprint.

I picked some up so I could compare them. The pin locations are slightly different by a tiny amount but the good news is they do seem to still be compatible with the old PJ302M footprint and still come up flush to a front panel in that footprint.

So if you are designing PCBs for these parts worth checking your hole sizes and spacings.

Cadets on red pcbs with red jacks will look very smart!


Looks to me like you had a typo. They’re 729, not 728.

For anyone curious, here’s the manufacturer’s page: 3.5mm Stereo Right Angle Jack - WQP-WQP729JH (Doesn’t really tell you anything the Thonk page doesn’t, but it’s nice to have first sources, I think.)

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Oops thank you, updated OP.