LZX Replacement Parts - Knobs / Sliders / Jacks

Who sells these and what’s their part numbers?

From the BOMs for the Cadet series I can take a guess that the jacks are these:

  • Thonk Knurled Nuts for PJ302M Jacks
  • Thonk MECH_JK_PJ302M Right angled 3.5mm Jack Sockets w/Knurled Nuts, No Washers

Thonk or SynthCube

they are really easy to find on their sites just searxh for PJ302M

Specifically I’m looking for replacement LZX knobs. One got lost.

The jacks seem fairly ubiquitous

the knobs on the expedition series modules?

these look quite similar


Close, but LZX uses a dot instead of a line for the mark.

yeah I noticed think that(s just a cap though

What specific module(s) are you looking for replacements for? I’m pretty sure the jacks from the Cadet modules that you mentioned aren’t used in many/any non-DIY LZX modules, at least not Expedition or Orion series, since the PCBs are mounted differently. From what I can tell from pics online, the non-DIY modules probably use Thonkiconn jacks (PJ301M-12 or PJ398SM). And I think the sliders are different sizes in the different modules, too, so again you’ll need to be more specific. And do you mean the slider caps (the part you touch) or the actual slider itself (the part that’s soldered to the PCB)?

Specifically Looking for exact replacement knobs with the dot.

maybe contact LZX?
They might have some spares, or point you in the right direction.

Thought I’d put it out here so it’s common knowledge if LL answers :smiley_cat:

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I have been slowly switching over some of my LZX modules to different knobs PM your address and I could send you one if it doesn’t work out through Lars :slight_smile:


We purchase our knobs and caps from Selco Products. At some point I’d be happy to include them in a spare parts section of our website. For now if you need a replacement just e-mail sales@lzxindustries.net and be patient with us on timing. Can send you an invoice as soon as we’re able if you need some knobs or caps. If you need a lot, just contact Selco. Here is a list of partnumbers from our system.