Tiny screws for faceplate/PCB support posts

Hey all-
I’m noticing a lot of the modules I’m finding used are missing faceplate screws which connect the PCB support posts. Doesn’t seem to affect functioning, but sometimes makes pots and switches unstable and likely results in some unhelpful PCB flexing (particularly with Passage).

Does anyone know what the diameter of those screws are? And what a good source for them is? I went to my local True Value and they didn’t have screws tiny enough.

A good recommendation would be appreciated as I want to get these modules all sewn up tight.

Thanks all!


A lot of the modules are missing screws? That’s really weird. I’d be wary of anyone selling a module like that.

I don’t know for certain what size screws are used for LZX modules in that respect, but my guess would be that they’re M3 screws. That’s a very common screw size for eurorack modules.

Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw #2-56 3/16 inch
This is the screw used on the Passage front panel. What other modules of yours are missing screws?


Thank you! I just purchased a used Cortex with missing faceplate screws as well. And I’ve also noticed several modules where the screws have fallen out of the back of the PCB on the opposite side of the support posts. Those are round head whereas the faceplate screws are flat head.

The above mentioned screw should be the same for all of the Expedition faceplates.
The rear standoff screws are:
Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw #2-56 1/8 inch


THANK YOU!!! Heading to Amazon:)