LZX Capsule Low Noise Eurorack Power Supply

Sharing Lars’s post from Facebook for those who might not be on there!

“We have made our +/-12V +/-1A EuroRack power supply available as an open hardware design. Gerbers and Diptrace source files are available below. Do absolutely anything you want with it (except please, please don’t design poorly routed derivative PCBs.)
Experienced DIY’ers are welcome to help commit resources or export products to the repository. The switcher module this design uses is a little pricy, but available OTS from Mouser/DigiKey in low quantities, so it is a good design for DIY. For those without lots of hand SMT experience, this would be an advanced level SMT build due to the QFN parts. But it is low parts count on the SMT side.
This may not be identical to what we offer in the future, but it’s a solid EuroRack power supply design and now you own it.”


The Mainboard looks like a 4layer board, the Switcher a 2layer board.

I see the mainboard has 11x (16pin) power connectors, so it acts as a busboard too. neat!

Some visuals:


Here are the two internal copper layers. JLC’s gerber viewer doesn’t show you these. :stuck_out_tongue:
+/-12V fills and GND plane respectively:


My first time messing around with diptrace but it looks like the switcher pcb is just an add on to mount/attach the DKA30A-12 to the main board? Passive SMD stuff looks like 0603. The TPS7A voltage regulators look a little tricky to hand solder but maybe not?

Anyone thinking of doing a pcb run? :slight_smile:

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JLCPCB might have these in stock, so a SMD populated pcb run would be possible.
I have to check their list some more. The TPS7A would be 5v right?

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Interesting! Looks like the non-basic parts are
TPS7A4700RGWR (not sure what voltage you’re looking for - the specs indicate a range for input and output, and mouser has low stock on these)
MURATA BNX (not sure which one? I may have not exported the BOM with all the info)

a BOM would be handy
(I don’t have Diptrace installed here)

BNX016-01 is the part that should be used here.

thanks @eyesnoface, updated the sheet

@reverselandfill here’s the BOM, Not sure if I can share a csv on the forum. Happy to email or share via google if you want.

edit: not sure part 15 is a missing value resistor or just an extra line. Can take a closer look possibly tomorrow.

# Name Manufacturer Quantity
1 GRM188R71H104KA93D Murata Electronics 22
2 GRM188R71H103JA01D Murata Electronics 1
3 GRM319R6YA106KA12D Murata Electronics 6
4 870025574001 Wurth Electronics 2
5 GRM188R61H105KAALD Murata Electronics 2
6 WP424IDT Kingbright 2
7 SS5P10 Vishay 1
9 644456-4 TE Connectivity 4
10 39-30-1041 Molex 2
11 PJ-002A CUI 1
12 87230-3 TE Connectivity 1
13 BNX016-01 Murata Electronics 1
14 RC0603FR-071M5L Yageo 1
15 Yageo 1
16 RC0603FR-071KL Yageo 2
17 RC0603FR-0710KL Yageo 1
18 RC0603FR-070RL Yageo 2
20 TPS7A3301RGWR Texas Instruments 1
21 TPS7A4700RGWR Texas Instruments 1

So… I’m in the market for a new PSU soon, would probably need one per 1U row, who do I give my money to? :wink:


Screen caps of schematics:
LZX Capsule Main PCB Schematic

If unreadable in Discourse full res image.

Is the switcher separated in order to elevate it for heat dissipation?