Can We Buy New Expedition Faceplates?

Hi, I would like to know if LZX sells faceplates for their expedition modules? Some of the audio companies I deal with sell faceplates to their non-DIY modules and I think it’s a great option.

I didn’t know to use washers when I first got into modular, but now when I buy a new module I make sure to. It would be great to be able to refresh some older modules with a brand new faceplate. Let me know what you think. thanks.

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Typically face plates are one of the more expensive components in a production run, so we generally order only what we need for a batch, and the stock is reserved for that batch. That said, we are restructuring everything in 2019 based less on queued batches and more on monthly stocking of the whole product line. We also have a more robust integrated inventory system now, and the face plates could all easily be made available for purchase from our stock thru our web store, as they’re another part in the same system. So long story short, I’d be willing to start making this possible! Although it likely won’t happen all at once (we don’t have panels for everything.) If you list the modules you want to replace panels for on here I can see if we can oblige in the short term. We will probably have some things but not others.


Thanks for the in depth reply Lars, that would be great if face plates were available for purchase as some point in the new year :slight_smile: Right now I’d be looking to update the face plate on an LZX pendulum and an LZX liquid TV.