Cadet VCO Build Clarification

Hello! I am very new to DIY builds and all that and I just have a quick question about matched transistor pairs for the Cadet IX VCO build.

In the BOM, Q5A and Q5B are labeled as both being matched transistor pair 2N3906BU.
Q2A, Q2B, Q4A, and Q4B are 2N3904BU.

When I ordered these parts from Thonk, the transistors came packaged in pairs and each pair is labeled either ‘A’ for 2N3904BU or ‘B’ for 2N3906BU.

I am assuming that the matched pairs are packaged together and that there is no correlation between Thonk’s A & B labels and the A & B printed on the PCB.

Just want to confirm that it does not matter which individual transistor is A or B, and what really matters is that A and B on the PCB are a matched pair.
(Example: Q5A is matched with Q5B and are both 2N3906BU)

Sorry if this is a dumb question, again im new and i couldnt find this answer elsewhere.

Exactly, the A & B thing is just how Thonk labels them. What matter is that they are matched.

I also got my matched 2N3906BU from Thonk and work well.

Thank you sooo much

I did not match 'm and it also worked well
(same batch though)

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I have another BOM clarification issue for the Cadet VCO.
C16 is listed as both 100pF (in the description column) and 150pF (in the value column). So which is it, please?

The listed partno is for a 150pf cap, so that’s what i used. (That also matches the value in the schematic)


That’s massively helpful, thank you!