Cadet Scaler BOM clarity

I’m just looking for some clarity with what BOM I am using for whichever Scaler set-up I want…
I seem to remember the old version of the site being much clearer when I built a +/-5v to 1v Scaler when the board/panels first came out (for info, this old build does not have anything in U4 and I have two LM6172IN’s in place of the TL072’s - which is prob overkill going from audio to video).

So, what does the standard BOM ( on the page do? (this page:

From the matching Alternate A BOM and Alternate A Schematic this is going to go from 1v to 5v… (and is the one I want to put together at the mo).

What about Alternate B?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Check this Scaler comparison spreadsheet I made when I was deciding which scalers to build, there are 4 sheets on that book the first one is a simple table that compares components.

The differences are easy to spot if you compare the do-not-place parts (DNP).

I built 2 Scalers: 1v to -+5v and 1v to 5v

ooh, thanks for this!
I’ll have a look through it all later :+1:

Im missing an up to date (?) BOM for alternate C (+/-5V to 1V) … I have a V1.0 that i apparentluy downloaded from the old LZX site in may last year, but noticed that its missing on the github, and i someone posted about some errors in one of the other alternate boms some time ago… (can not upload files here, only images)

Theres broken links to the BOMs of different flavors several places on the interwebs… :

true I also remember that post… search for it on the fb group maybe its there

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
I had a look through fb and didn’t really find anything else,
however, I have found the docs via here:

(I google searched: lzx scaler cadet [Alternate A (1V to 5V) Bill of Materials (CSV) - the links are not dead ends at the LZX site, but their own copies of the old BOMs)

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So I just built the “Cadet V Scaler BOM Alt B ±5V to 1V.csv” as found on the LZX Github. But it appears it’s 1V to +/-5V instead! How did that happen?

EDIT: @creatorlars, where can I find the BOM of the scaler I want, namely from +/-5V to 0-1V?

It looks like the Schematics and BOM’s don’t match.
normal = 5v to 1v
Alternate A = 5x gain 1v to 5v
Alternate B = ±5v to 1v

You can work from the schematics.
But it would be better if this would be fixed. Saves confusion.

@GijsvO : I got the old schematics & BOM files here. if you are interested . I think they do match

Yes, please, Martijn, if you could send me the BOM for +/-5V to 0-1V. I don;t have the knowledge to read schematics, so I always simply build from the BOM.

in the schematics are also the codes that you can find in the BOM. but not in a handy list.

I’ll send you the files !

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So if I want to scale from an audio eurorack system I would go for what now? Normal or Alternative B. And are the boms correctly labled in the git repo? Didn’t got that from the discussion. Thanks

I would love the ±5v to 0-1v BOM too.

You should ask LZX
I have the OLD files, and the new files. I can mail them if you like
They are different from each other.

has anyone(s) confirmed a working version of ±5v to 1v? I’ve been reading thru the comments and i am still just as confused. This other thread makes me thing the entire bom is wrong. Cadet V Scaler BOM error for voltage reference, +/-5V to 0-1V [fixed]
the entire thing that even started me down this trail was the missing information on r4, r6, 418, r20. I’ve built the standard 5v to 1v and it works (i think) along with almost every other cadet + castle module. lol will someone please just spell it out for me.


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Yes I have built three working versions of +/-5V to 0 to 1 V. The LZX cvs is wrong. Unfortunately I cannot upload a cvs to this forum or github. PM me with your email and I can send it that way.


The Video synth DIY Google drive collection is now updated with the ±5 to 1 volt Scaler BOM


so the only Scaler BOM in there is the +/-5V to 1V Scaler and the alt (B) BOM on the LZX shop page is for the 1V to +/-5V Scaler, correct?

EDIT: went ahead and built the one in the Google Drive collection and got a working +/-5V to 0-1V Scaler. thanks for the fix! would’ve been scratching my head without it for sure. now to build the opposite Scaler!

EDIT NO. 2: after testing with the O’ Tool + i just received it seems as though this actually converts +/-5V to +/-1V! not a huge issue honestly but would still be great to tweak it to convert to 0-1V as intended. anyone have any ideas how i’d go about such a conversion?


Update via Chris Johnson on the Facebook Group:


Glad to see this clarified in one spot. Thanks @saiteron for the leg work.