A couple misc. question

Hi there!

I have just started work on my first Diy module, the Cadet III module, and I have a couple questions.

First off, in the bill of materials, it lists off a capacitor as C10, but I cannot find it anywhere on the board itself. I see two contacts simply marked “10”, but I would like to make sure before I put solder to board.

second off, does it matter what type of solder I use? I bought some Silver-bearing rosin core solder, but that was mainly because it was cheaper and also had less health risks. Is this ok?

Thanks in advance/sorry to bother you.

A leaded solder is usually the easiest to work with, with hobbyist grade tools. MG Chemicals and Kester are good brands. Anything recommended for hobbyist electronics work should be fine.

Can you show me a quick picture of the confusing contacts for C10?

sorry for taking so long. Here it is!

You found it, that’s C10. It connects to PIN 3 of the 7805 regulator.