[ORDER] Triple Function Generator

update: the pcb’s are shipped to me

I want one! Im still on time to get a spare full kit?

Same here, if there are still kits (Alternately, a full set will also work if the kits are all gone)

batch 3:
1: 337is: 2x kit - shipped
2: addamm: Full PCB set + extra’s - shipped
3: copbypear: Full kit - shipped
4: Kharmasabits: Full PCB set - shipped
5: visual_lies: Full PCB set -shipped
6: Luix: Full kit -shipped
7: transistorcat: Full kit -shipped
8: spar: Full kit - shipped


The kits are almost ready. Just have to make the power cables now
(and wait for the pcb’s to arrive)

The pcb’s and panels are in!

everybody is contacted! :slight_smile:

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Can i please order a kit. thx!

you are on the list. - you got the last full kit!

note: I only have partial kits in stock now (without pots)

still for sure in for a prebuilt unit if it becomes an option

I can build you one. I’ll contact you in october after I moved to Italy

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everything is shipped.

9x pcb’s & panel sets
2x partial kits

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Mine arrived here in New York yesterday. Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m eager to build them and get them in my system.

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just got mine too, thanks again!

Got mine too :grinning:

Anyone in the US have a good source for the right angle pots? If not, Thonk it is!

I spent a better part of a day trying to track down a place that had them in stock when I was sourcing parts for my Cadet/Castle system, and wound up buying a grip from Small Bear Electronics. Used the last ones building my Triple Function Generator in fact!

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Good call. I’ve used small bear in the past for oddball stuff.

Received my kit (here in the Antipodes) in the mail today, along with some tasty LM7162s. Thank you reverselandfill!


I would like to order a full kit, but I take it they’re out of stock. If the partial kit is only missing the pots, then that would be okay too.

I have 1 almost full kit available. Just the knobs are missing. (the pots have a round shaft, 6.35mm)
I’ll PM you with the details

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I have 1 build module in stock now. PM me for details