[ORDER] Triple Function Generator

I would like the 3 PCB + panel set!

I’d love a PCB Set, shipped to Canada.

Hi. I’m in for a Full PCB Set if possible, shipping to US. Thanks!

I’ve added you to the list. Thanks!

the panels are in!
small note: there is a small identification number on the panel, bottom left. sorry about this.

I’ll contact everybody on the list
If any of you also joined in with the LM6172 groupbuy, it will take a bit longer as I have to collect all the funds and order + receive the IC’s

This friday I am going on a holiday to Italy. I do hope to send out some of the packages this week.


A little late to the party but I would like to throw myself on the list for 1 pcb/panel if available.

I’ll pick up on the orders in 2 weeks. I’m going on a holiday tomorrow !

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Awesome, thank you and have a good holiday!

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I think i misunderstood the op. I’ll take a full kit shipped to the US when available!

I’m really late, but would love a full PCB Set please!

If it’s not too late, I’ll take a full kit.

I’d be down for a full kit with shipping to the US if one is still available.

Mine was received this week. Thanks!

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I can’t seem to edit the first post anymore, so I will continue it here:

Order list

batch 1:
1: Agawell: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
2: gosseyn: single PCB -> payed and shipped
3: csboling: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
4: sean: kit -> payed and shipped
5: 743v04: Full kit -> payed and shipped
6: xrs: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
7: SOFEX: Full PCB set -> payed and picked up
8: mwmw: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped

batch 2:
9: Genlok: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
10: Resonant_Space: Full PCB set - shipped
11: synlog: full kit -payed and shipped
12: brknfixie: Full PCB set -shipped
13: av_cinema: Full PCB set -shipped
14: VanTa: Full kit -payed and shipped
15: Marizu : Full PCB set -payed and shipped
16: hdd: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
17: rossgrady : Full PCB set -payed & shipped
18: fluxmonkey : Full PCB set -payed & shipped
19: TomTones(@muff): 3x pcb no panel - shipped
20: otoskope: Full PCB set -shipped
21: Analogmonster: Full PCB set -payed and shipped
22: pathein(@muff): Full PCB set -payed & shipped
23: aladan: Full PCB set -shipped
24: perdex: Full PCB set -payed payed & shipped
25: Whelm: Full PCB set -shipped
26: aaronsbrown: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
27: dondon: Full PCB set - shipped
28: northerntao: Full kit - payed and shipped
29: rempesm: Full kit - payed & shipped
30: Tronotape: Full PCB set: payed & shipped

batch 3:
1: 337is: 2x kit
2: addamm: Full PCB set + extra’s
3: copbypear: Full kit
4: Kharmasabits: Full PCB set
5: visual_lies: Full PCB set
6: Luix: Full kit

You can put me down for a pcb+panel set. We spoke in a PM (or maybe email?)- I’m happy to wait for the LM6172s and maybe a matrix mixer pcb/panel set should that become available and consolidate everything together. No hurry on my end!

ok I have 1 set for you reserved. (and ready)
I’ll order new ones soon-ish

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Jut wanted to double check you got me on the list for a pcb/panel. Thanks.

Officially you were in before addamm, so I guess so .
@addamm: are you ok with this? The new pcb’s will be ordered soon, and then I’ll make a package for you with the matrix mixer

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@tronotape: the panel is for 3 pcb’s

@cobypear: are you ok with being on the next batch?

– as for this hassle: I’m moving to Italy for a year, and leave in a month. This means chaos in my head (more than usual) so sorry for the mixups. I’m doing the best I can.

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I am super flexible so as long as I can eventually grab a set whatever is easiest for you is fine with me.

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