Laserbox: New option for controlling your Cyclops


Hello LZX fans.

We were inspired by a few prominent Cyclops users to enhance our digital Eurorack modules to support lasers more directly. The result is laserbox. It pairs nicely with the LZX cyclops and your ILDA laser.

Laserbox is free, alternative firmware for our toolbox module. It provides three ways to work with vector images:

  1. Pattern generation using X/Y oscillators or polar oscillators
  2. Playback of 5 channel WAV files, with XY and RGB data
  3. Live input manipulation: Use any +/-5V XY signal and modify the color, size, scale, rotation, and other parameters with internal and external modulation.

More information can be found here:

And here:

Some videos are coming soon. We will be sure to let you know.

We look forward to your feedback. Thanks for your support.

Aaron Higgins


Welcome to the forum @1010music and thanks for posting this!! I really enjoyed the KnobCon demo, and this implementation of the Toolbox platform. When we made Cyclops I was slightly hesitant, since its use would rely on companionship of a good oscillographics/analog console setup – either through patching quadrature oscillators or some dedicated implementation like a 2D wavetable VCO. So it’s wonderful to have a sensible companion module like this to recommend and I look forward to seeing what everyone does with it.


Wow that sounds phenomenal, I wish this had come to my attention sooner. Does the Laserbox firmware have realtime CV sampling/playback functionality? My ultimate goal is to create drawn laser animations using an Escher Sketch.



Laserbox doesn’t do sampling–but the toolbox firmware does. You can capture a two channel WAV file from the 24-bit 48kHz inputs. We do realize that this misses the RGB or blanking information. That would be an obvious next step.


Excuse me if I’ve missed any details on this. In addition to XY outputs (for driving laser position) is there a facility for a reset trigger output at the top of each refresh interval? If so, this could be used to reset analog modulators in time with the pattern, in the case you wanted to mix in external oscillators synchronized with the Laserbox generated XY outs (for colorization purposes or otherwise.)


In this first version, there is no frame sync output. That is a great idea and I will add it to our wishlist.


Here is a video showing Laserbox and the Cyclops in action:


In the interest of providing topical information here, Cyclops will be back in stock ASAP. November is the likely ETA.