Anyone Using Cyclops to Ctl ILDA Laser?

Hi all,

As I’m scoping out my impending LZX system (yea!) I’m wondering about the Cyclops card. If this has already been covered in another thread please accept my apologies - I did search for this topic and didn’t find anything but I may have done it wrong.

Anyway, I’m wondering if people can share their experiences w/t above config. In particular, does anyone have an ILDA laser or FX that they’ve had happy experiences with? I’d like to spend as little time as possible troubleshooting and figuring out the “you can’t get there from here” moments, especially after dropping $$$ on an ILDA laser/FX that won’t work well w/t Cyclops.

Thanks for any help!


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They’re pretty generally compatible – the ILDA spec is heavily documented and Cyclops follows all its provisions. I would look for an analog RGB laser so you can get full control over color spectrum (the cheaper options only can switch each color on or off.)

Thanks for the reply, Lars! I appreciate that you take the time to peruse the forum and contribute. It makes it that much easier to invest in LZX goodies.

BTW, as I said in a different recent post, I am totally psyched about your recent creations. The Memory Palace and the Escher Sketch look beyond cool. You are doing such amazing work, keep it up!




Hi all,

I was wasting time on YT when it occurred to me to search for “LZX Cyclops” and hit paydirt. Here’s one of several vids that came up. There is a comment that asks about gear and the vid creator replies with details. I think this Interweb thing might just take off :wink: Anyways, here’s the YT vid url



I just found another thread on a different part of the LZX forum touching on recommended lasers. Here’s the URL

I would advise waiting for your Cyclops to ship before purchasing a laser. The production schedule is published, but the dates keep slipping to the right. My new X-Laser has been collecting dust since November.