Cyclops modifications normal?

Oh hello there!

I mean what is normal these days but….

I’ve got myself a second hand cyclops here and I noticed some cut traces and 2 pcs magnet wire tack-job on the bottom of it. Is this legit? Did this come this way from y’all?

I didn’t want to power the unit without checking, so idk if it’s functional.

If this is not standard - wth is goin on with this jam?

Thanks :pray:


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It’s early evening here in Berlin, Europe & Portland is a good 8 to 10hrs behind us but just in case this doesn’t get some eyes quickly, let’s tag Chad at LZX HQ @Z0NK0UT & hopefully he can help clear this up pronto :+1:t3:

I don’t have a Cyclops but the hi-res photo really helps & the wiring job is a good & clean one from what I can see. But not knowing the circuit or lasers in general, I’ve no idea what the mod does or was meant to achieve.

It’s just a bit of rework from LZX HQ. Safe to use and enjoy.


Thank you! … needs more words

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Mine had the same out of the box, not the first time I’ve seen post-production modifications on a module :grimacing: