How is your Cyclops?

I have been working with audio for a long time and I am excited to soon start using cyclops with audio signals. I have been using the JScope VST in Reason Studios which allows you to create lissajous patterns.

Because I live in Australia I am only allowed a 1mW laser so I hope it will be sufficient. I was planning on positioning the laser right in front of the wall it is displaying on and recording that to video.

If you have been using Cyclops recently or have examples or experiences you want to share then please do. :slight_smile:

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In the run up to my thesis exhibition I worked with Cyclops and here is a still from studio prep. I’ll find some of the video of the installation to share later. Congrats on starting down this particular path.


Looks really cool it would be great to see some video of the installation.

I’m almost kind of glad not many people are in on this as it’s like a hidden gem, and it puts me in a position to do some hopefully unique work.

My laser and Cyclops are still in their boxes, it’s getting close to time to break them out. I am hoping the transition from creating lissajous shapes in an audio VST to this set up will go smoothly. Looking forward to sharing some work once it’s underway.


I also live in Aus (Brisbane), but you might mean 1W. You can get higher powered lasers locally; 1W is the cheapest with ILDA though.

I’ve only managed to fit in one gig with a Cyclops in the past couple of years. Using an Expert Sleepers ES-8, Cyclops, iPad and a switch between that system and Pangolin Quickshow. If you can throw some modulation at the colours to react to music it looks great on a wall behind DJs for example


Cyclops transformed my audio rack in to a $10K cat toy


:rofl: I’m sure your cat LOVED it!

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