Example rack photos that incl. Cyclops?

Anyone have pictures of their Cyclops setups? I think Im overcomplicating things, when I could probably just have a few simple modules do what I´m actually hoping to do.

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don’t have a cyclops - maybe you could post a link ro you rack on modulargrid and explkain why you think you are over complicating things

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Any luck in figuring out a better setup for your Cyclops since you created this thread @pkapka?

My Cyclopses have been in storage for a while but this older thread has a photo of the arrangement I last had them in. Simple definitely works!

  • Sensory Translator
  • Intellijel Dr. Octature II (phase shifted octature/quadrature oscs for circular patterns)
  • Pittsburgh OSC v2 (sawtooth ramp for X axis of waveform visualization)
  • 4ms Buffered Mult
  • 2x Befacto A*B+C (for more extreme scaling/shifting scenarios)
  • 2x Cyclops

2x Cyclops @Dewb :star_struck:
Cheers for posting :+1:t3:
Hopefully a few other cyclops & laser users will chime in over the coming days & weeks.